Digital Art Book

Digital Art Book
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Enjoy Traveling?

I've Been Lucky In My Life & Had The Chance To Travel Around The World. I Would Love To Share Some Photographs I've Taken Through My Adventures. I Love Takings Pictures But There's More To Taking Pictures Than A Click Of A Button. What You See In A Photograph Is A Combination Of The Photographer's Emotions, Aesthetic Sense & Visual Skill In Evaluating Form, Color & Content. I Enjoy Photographing In Different Genres. Professionally, I Started With Portraits, But As Time Progressed I Expanded Into Other Styles That Allowed Me To Carry My Experiences & Knowledge From One Discipline To Another. I Want To Continue Contributing To The Arts Community & Impact More People Through My Lens.

"A Multi-Dimensional Photographer & Avid Traveler, She Captures A Variety Of Subjects. From Celebs To Landscapes Her Photos Capture Her The Way She Paints With Light" - RAW:artist

It's really important to connect with local artists creating handmade goods. Whether it's purchasing them, sharing how it's made or just letting them know how much you love their stuff. Be sure to support them.